Our Sponsors

Starting from January 2023, the Public Foundation “BATYL BOL CLUB” sent a request for sponsorship to the leading companies in Kazakhstan.
KAZ Minerals was the first to express its desire to support the spread of the Kazakh language through the Batyl Bol project.

KAZ Minerals Group is one of the largest copper producers and one of the most efficient and fastest growing companies in Kazakhstan. KAZ Minerals is known for its high corporate responsibility, ensuring the protection and respect of its employees, their families and everything around them.
Employees of the company attended meetings of the speaking club in Almaty and were satisfied with the level of teaching, the number of visitors and the atmosphere of the club.
On March 1, 2023, an agreement was signed on sponsorship of the Public Foundation “BATYL BOL CLUB” by KAZ Minerals. Thanks to this, our foundation will receive funding for 1 year, which will allow us to maintain the uninterrupted activities of Batyl bol meetings in 7 cities of Kazakhstan at a high level. This opens up great opportunities for the growth of the network of the Batyl Bol project and the further dissemination of the Kazakh language.
Many thanks to KAZ Minerals Group for believing in our project and supporting us!