We provide live conversation practice in the Kazakh language, help overcome social and psychological barriers, teach grammar and syntax, and introduce Kazakh culture.

About Us

Batyl Bol was launched in Almaty on April 15, 2022, by Alexei Skalozubov, acting on a
volunteer basis. In the first seven months, the organizers held over 130 meetings, teaching more
than 700 club participants. Every meeting is free and attendance does not require any advance
registration. Branches of Batyl Bol have been opened in other major cities of Kazakhstan:
Astana, Karaganda, Paostanay, Pavlodar, Shymkent, Aktobe, Atyrau, and others.

Our methodology

From the first visits, our participants learn to use the Kazakh language in life situations – buy groceries in the store, order a taxi, get to know each other. Subsequently, we teach the rules of the language, grammar and easily explain complex things. Participants with an average level of knowledge and above are engaged in conversational groups, where communication is conducted only in Kazakh on free topics. Our educational process is complemented by numerous games, singing songs and watching films in the Kazakh language.

How to sign up?

To start visiting Batyl Bol, you need to select a club in your city.

Reporting and Accounting

Seven months after the inception of the club, we registered the public foundation “BATYL BOL CLUB”. The foundation was established to attract transparent funding to the project, to help expand the network of club branches, and to make the club even more accesible to the residents of Kazakhstan. We keep records of every meeting and all expenses incurred. All reports are made publicly available.

How to help the project?

You can support the project by making a money transfer using the official details of the PF “BATYL BOL CLUB”.

We are also ready to consider cooperation with sponsors.


  • We opened a club in Atyrau!

    We opened a club in Atyrau!

    A new Kazakh speaking club «Batyl bol!» opened in Atyrau on 27 November, 2022. Locals and expats, who would like to learn Kazakh Language, and volunteers were gathered in «Yemaa» modern art-space to hold the first meeting. All participants were divided to two groups by language level. They did different exercises, had discussions and opinion…

  • We have launched our website

    We have launched our website

    On November 18, 7 months after the opening of our club, we launched this site. It is small and simple. Here we will post only the basic information.


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